Put The Bikes Back On The Strip!
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Black Bike Week 2011, May 26-30
Atlantic Beach - Myrtle Beach, SC
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Inside this website there are Black Bike Week pictures, a Black Bike Week Hotel Review/Evaluation, Black Bike Week DOs and DON'Ts for first timers and lots of other information for the urban motorcyclist. 

Though Black Bike Week is a predominately African-American celebration of motorcycles, motorcyclists, motorcycling and those who love and enjoy motorcycles, it is not exclusively for Black people.  It also is not a motorcycle rally just for black bikes.  I've actually had people ask me if it was just for Black Bikes.  It's attended by all ethnicities who love and ride motorcycles.

The Atlantic Beach Bike Festival or Black Bike Week as it is commonly called, draws bikers from all over the world.  What could be better than enjoying your Memorial Weekend at the beach? Well, try spending your weekend with over 200,000 bikers, girls and just people who want to party hard all weekend long at one of the biggest bike festivals in the country!

For over last twenty-five years Memorial Weekend in Atlantic Beach, North Myrtle Beach and Myrtle Beach and the rest of The Grand Strand has been filled with the roar of finely tuned, exquisitely painted motorcycles adding to the aura of Black Bike Week.  Everywhere you look are scantily clad women either walking the strip or straddling the back of a motorcycle.  The catch phrase “make it bounce” is very popular for this festival for some very good reasons.  Don’t forget to bring your camera because you will want to take lots of Black Bike Week pictures.  

Black Bike Week is Freaknik with people of all ages and ethnicities with 100,000 motorcycles.  Black Bike Week is the Black College Reunion for people of all ages and ethnicities with 100,000 motorcycles.  Black Bike Week is The Kappa Beach Fest for people of all ages and ethnicities  with 100,000 motorcycles.  Black Bike Week is to sport bike riders what Bike Week is to Harley riders.

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